An incopetent Ranger/Hopeless Romantic turned semi-competent Vampire


At Alice’s request…

The princess of [[Skyvale]] first fell for Lenwe after listening to a recital of his poetry at a local tavern. Content Not Found: The-Mayor, however, was less impressed and never approved of this suitor for his daughter. For years, Lenwe tried with little luck to prove his mettle. One day, tragically, the princess went missing. And despite the terrible situation, maybe just maybe this could be the chance Lenwe needed to prove to the Mayor that he was good enough for the princess. And indeed! He led a band of adventurers Dwyre Draconis was waiting for them and bit Lenwe in the neck and murdered the princess.

In his rage against the world and against the evil wizard, Lenwe semi-competently began to terrorize the surrounding lands.


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