Bonser's Island

Mithral City Politics

Jathra is now sending an envoy to Lionsport with new terms of surrender, but the envoy departed without our heroes! Who ordered the attack against the party the night before and drove them from the city? Will the party be able to intercept the diplomats and sort things out before they reach their destination? What is in store in the tale of these two cities and rivals, find out on the next installment of Bonser’s island!

An ending, a beginning!

Having traveled the land of Darnas in search of fun and magic, the crew has now settled affairs of Lionsport, setting its site on the capital of Jathra, the mithril city. What awaits our friend there? Find out on the next episode of Bonser’s Island!

Dwyre Defeated!

With the vampire defeated at such a cost of life and furniture (and intelligence), the land of Darnas lies free from evil <detecting>, what will come of the heroes of Lionsport as they return again as heroes of the continent? Special commendations from the UN? A new story arc? Schwag and more schwag? Find out sunday and bring your character’s favorite beach attire!

Shadow Keep
Dwyre's Evil Abode

The PCs have made their way through the haunted forest, around back of the mansion, and through the basement cellar door. There they vanquished skeleton guards and freed a mysterious gnome bard. Will they survive the upstairs? Show up to find out.

Getting Up to Speed
What's happened so far

After saving Lion’s Port from the Jathran invasion, the PCs decided to remain in the service of the city by accepting a mission from the city miser, Pernurius, to collect an ancient Dwarven sword by the smith Content Not Found: Durgeddin. In return, the miser agreed to open up his coffers to the city rebuilding fund. On the way to the last known whereabouts of the sword, a remote location in the Marren Mountains, they stopped to rid the Lion’s Port logging camps of their bugbear problems. Eventually, the heroes arrived at the ancient Dwarven stronghold The Khundrukar by following the map the old miser gave them. They succeeded in finding a sword and an axe containing Durgeddin’s seal and defeated a young Black Dragon in the process.

After returning to Lion’s Port, the Heroes claimed their reward from Pernurius and shortly left for Skyvale to find more adventure. Upon arriving, they were informed that the Mayor’s daughter had been kidnapped. With the help of the meek boyfriend Lenwe, the Heroes were able to track down the princess and save her from a mysterious cloaked wizard. Tragically, after returning to Skyvale, they found the evil wizard waiting for them in the Mayor’s quarters. He revealed himself to be a vampire, murdered the princess, and infected Lenwe.

In an attempt to track down other members of the royal family of Skyvale who may be in danger, the Heroes trekked off to Waywocket’s Oasis where the Mayor’s brother was said to be a usual. After some shenanigans and a T-Rex, the Heroes returned the Mayor’s brother, Content Not Found: Amroth, to Skyvale which seemed to kick the Mayor into shape.

Upon returning to Lion’s Port, the Heroes found that a lot had gone wrong while they were away. The Commander had been captured and the High Council had been erecting statues to evil gods. Our Heroes were forced to team up with The Black Fist, a local thieves guild, in order to break into the Barracks to free The Commander. They arrived too late, just in time to see Lenwe suck the last drop of life out of The Commander. Exiting the underground prison with the body, the Heroes installed the fallen soldier’s brother, Nathan the janitor as new leader of Lion’s Port and headed off to Shadow Keep to defeat the evil vampire wizard, Dwyre Draconis who was responsible for the death of their friend.

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