Tag: vampire


  • shadow-keep

    The PCs have made their way through the haunted forest, around back of the mansion, and through the basement cellar door. There they vanquished skeleton guards and freed a mysterious gnome bard. Will they survive the upstairs? Show up to find out.

  • Dwyre Draconis

    Dwyre Draconis was last active in the nation of Darnas 500 years ago. Legend has it that the evil Vampire Lord stalked the night in a black cloak which concealed his face and could turn into a bat or a cloud of gas at will. Famous for manipulation and …

  • Lenwe

    At Alice's request... The princess of [[Skyvale]] first fell for Lenwe after listening to a recital of his poetry at a local tavern. _Content Not Found: The-Mayor_, however, was less impressed and never …