The dread pirate is no more! Peace comes to Jathra and Lionsport! What will become of our heroes? Only high school yearbook type suggestions can tell:

Kamos the Handed: Professional Pirate Privateer Taking out Pirates is kinda what he does, with one leap he can board ships and with one swing of his axe take out half a crew… and now he has a leap attack, Pirates BEWARE!

Sally Cloverfield: After spending some time with the resident staff of Bard College in the Geode Heights, she gets a reputation for writing enchanting poetry and frightening spells. Or is it the other way around?

Tsava: Joins up with the Lionsport thieves guild and has last been heard to hold a horde greater than the Old Miser’s, consisting mostly of his old possessions!

Clyde Dundee: Dino hunter extraordinaire, convinced the brave knight Baron Sir Otto Sir Otto that dinosaurs are not in face demons and began taming them for domestic field animals. The trick seems to be tickling the underside and behind the ears.

Baron Sir Otto Sir Otto, Purveyor of Orphanages for the Homeless Children of the War: Whether he is the cause of the most casualties from the Azurean conflict or he has fathered most of the children of his orphanages, Baron Sir Otto Sir Otto now runs the largest not for profit corporation (a phrase given to him during a moment of divine insight (while staring at the sun)...)

Maki Makiati: Now works with Bob the Bobgoblin in developing a carriage that runs along an electrified cable, madness says Thomas the Steam Engine. She spends her free time in Skyvale recounting the stories of her adventures with the Heroes of Lionsport to those who travel miles across Darnas and leagues over the ocean waves to see these historical landmarks.

Yoki Dubleduck Oni: Works most days at a new club in Lionsport, the You and Me Can Agree center. Boxing and singing lessons available Mon. Wed. Fri. Alchemy and Axe Throwing Tues. Thurs. All proceeds of the YMCA go to the memorial funds of Johannes Wunderbrot.

Bilgames: Disappeared with the two adventurers found at the Forgotten Temple and has yet to be seen or heard from, although anomolous lights have been seen to flicker around the lands of Jathra and Darnas, accompanied by strange images or doorposts.

The High Council of Lionsport and the Senate of Curragh have settled terms of peace, as have the other towns and settlements of the Azurean nations, now working together to tame the wild lands in the old Orcish fashion and civilize them in the manner of men, dwarves, elves, hobbits, gnomes, and of course, half cow half man breeds… the future age awaits!


look for a new wiki and new campaign soon

Sails away! adventures abound with Thomas the friendly steam engine and the second officer XO taking us to new lands (fraking engine thinks he knows everything).

The nation of Darnas extends North to the Highlands and the desert, East into the Marren Mountains, South to the city of Gobliman, and West to the coast. This land of men, elves, halflings, and goblins enjoyed a century of great prosperity. Having Grown strong and arrogant, the High Council of Lion’s Port decided to extend their influence across the Azurean Sea to the infant land of Jathra in hopes of mining precious Mithril. At first, they sent only traders and diplomats, but they soon found they could do better by sending soldiers and colonizers. Darnas conquered Jathra and 50 years of peace followed. Eventually, though, troubles in the homeland caused the High Council to lose their grip on Jathra. Now, in the year 768 the land of Jathra has declared independence and is looking for revenge. Welcome to the world of Ithicus!

Despite the name, this campaign takes place primarily in the two warring nations of Darnas (name may change later to Ottonia) and Jathra. The heroes are conscripted from the villages surrounding the Darnasian capital of Lion’s Port. After successfully defending the city, the new friends set off to gather funds for the rebuilding effort and to seek their own fame and fortune.

Along the way, the players install an often overlooked Dwarven clan into a new mountain Kingdom at The Khundrukar, they rescue the princess of Skyvale and unravel a dark plot against all the citizens of Darnas.

NOTE – This is a work in progress! I just started playing around with this. I’ve started to track our progress on the Adventure Log. Leave comments to discuss the game. We can use this to list the magic items we’d like to find in stores ahead of time for example. I’d also love feedback about the game, don’t be afraid to be critical.


Bonser's Island

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